Make Good and De-fit

With years of experience in performing make goods, S&S Services are experts in bringing an industrial property back to its base building condition as per lease agreements.

The end of a commercial lease can often lead to confusion, disputes or confrontations between tenants and landlords concerning make good obligations. During this period, it helps to have the advice and ability of professional ‘make good’ service providers like S&S Services at hand. We have extensive experience successfully delivering on ‘make good’ obligations and office strip-out requirements throughout Western Sydney to keep tenants and landlords happy.

We are aware of how crucial timing is to avoid paying additional months’ rent, and we strive to meet deadlines.

S&S Services offers a complete ‘MAKE GOOD’ service including but not limited to:

  • Demolition
  • Painting
  • Wall and ceiling repair
  • Electrical and data disconnection and reinstate
  • Plumbing- water and gas service disconnection and isolation
  • Ceiling grid and acoustic tile replacement
  • Carpet installation
  • Reinstate wall and floor tiles
  • Complete clean of the property
  • Concrete grinding
  • Coring out bolts
  • High pressure washing of surfaces and much more.
  • De fit glass panels and walls
  • Remove carpet
  • Remove and repair ceiling grid
  • Break and remove wall and floor tiles
  • Remove any unwanted furniture
  • Remove signage
  • De fit mezzanine levels
  • De fit fixtures, fittings and shelves
  • Disconnection of electrical services and removal of redundant cabling
  • Fire service (Fire sprinkler and alarm isolation and capping)
  • Air condition, refrigeration gas retention
  • Plumbing services (capping and isolation water and gas pipes) and much more.