Remediation & Structural Repair Work

Over time it is inevitable that your building structure will develop structural issues – be it structural cracks in brick/concrete walls, movement of the foundations or rusted steel reinforcement causing concrete cancer, the sooner you take actions to remediate the identified problems, the better.

At S&S Services we have built a reputation of quality, excellence, relationships and customer service and have been successfully delivering construction services since 2005. Our invaluable industry knowledge and experience means we have a thorough understanding of how structural problems occur and the best methods to repair them.

Our common fixes include:

• Cracks in concrete and concrete cancer
• Spalling in concrete
• Cracked brick and block work
• Dilapidation in structural steel
• Strengthen weak timber structures
• Fix termite affected timber structures
• Roof repair work

For any kind of assistance in remediation and structural repair work on your industrial property, contact us or send us an enquiry and we will be happy to get back to you.